Lawton family reacts after car crashed into home

Lawton family reacts after car crashed into home

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A Lawton family is thankful and safe after a car crashed into their home over the weekend after a police chase.

It happened shortly after midnight on Saturday. Lawton police attempted to pull over a car on Northwest Ferris near 7th Street because it had expired tags, but the driver didn't stop. He sped off down 8th street then turned down Dearborn traveling 55mph. When he got to Fort Sill Boulevard, he tried to turn north, but police said he was going too fast. The driver crossed Fort Sill Boulevard, and drove across a front yard and into the house.

Police say the driver smashed out the driver side window to get out of the car and ran off. However, they took the passenger into custody briefly, but he has since been released.

The family, including a 6 year old, were all at home sleeping when the car drove right here through this yard and crashed into their house, just feet from where the 6 year old girl was sleeping. The family says they're thankful to have walked away without a single injury.

"Well this used to be an amazing sunroom," said Adrienne Brush, Lawton resident.

Just two months after moving in and renting this home, Brush and her family are woken up, suddenly in the middle of the night

"We heard this loud explosion," said Brush.

Only to find a car on fire inside their house and dozens of police and firefighters outside.

"Never in my worst dreams would I ever have thought something like this could ever happen," said Brush. "I mean, never."

Saving her granddaughter, who was sleeping in the room right next to where the car came through, was the first thing she did.

"I mean, that was the only thing that went through my mind and as soon as I knew we were all safe, nothing else mattered," said Brush. "It's just all material at this point."

Brush and her family waited outside until two in the morning with the officers until it was safe to go back inside and get a few of their belongings. Surprisingly, she found out this isn't the first time a car has hit a home in their neighborhood.

"Our neighbors across the street told us this happened to them eight years ago, so I'm thinking it's time to move," said Brush.

Now, the cleanup process begins.

"The cabinet was pushed in and the wall is pushed in on the other side," said Brush.

Even though Brush and her family are now having to live inside a house that smells like smoke, Is full of debris and has damaged walls, she says she feels blessed.

"I thank God, just every second of every minute that has gone by that he has protected us," said Brush." I mean, that's the only thing that I can think of is that we were protected."

Police say the traffic division has identified the suspected driver. They are still trying to determine what charges he will face.

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