Empire Elementary students create historical wax museum

Empire Elementary students create historical wax museum

EMPIRE CITY, OK (KSWO) - A trip through history Monday at Empire Elementary School as students dressed up as prominent figures from American history and put on their very own wax museum.

Each student gave a short presentation to the rest of the students in the school. Monday's event was several weeks in the making as students picked their historical figures, researched them and built their projects before Monday's big show.

Empire Elementary 5th grade teacher Jil Roebuck said she wanted to end this year with the students in a way they would never forget. So, she thought back to something she saw when she was in school and came up with a fun, interesting way for the kids to learn and have lots of fun.

Students dressed up as American heroes, scientists, professional athletes and everything in between for the projects.

The 5th grade class at Empire Elementary was on full display as the rest of the school came through, pushed a button that signified turning on the wax figure, and listened to their biographies. The students said today's activity was much better than other projects they have to do during the year.

"Its a great activity and we all get to do it. It's really fun," said student Ava Boozer

"This is way better than taking tests," said student Emaleigh Parks

Roebuck said she wanted her students to end the year with something fun they'd remember for the rest of their lives. She wanted the project to be fun, but also knew it needed to be educational.

"We've got social studies, we've got reading, we've got writing. They have to use all resources to be able to do this," Roebuck said. "They learned how to work site they learned bibliography, they learned to use the computer, they learned to created cover pages and now they're learning to give speeches in front of all different peers"

Roebuck said blending that fun with the education is one of the most important parts of her job as a teacher.

"We are constantly test, test, test and if you can't make learning fun then school becomes boring and they don't want to come and then you have lots of behavioral problems," Roebuck said.

This is the first time the 5th grade class has done this at Empire but Roebuck said based on the kids' reactions, she thinks it will be a tradition for years to come.

"They have been so excited every day. Some of them have been staying in from P.E. and recess just begging, can I work on my wax museum stuff. So, it has been super exciting," Roebuck said.

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