Entertainment center looking for performers in Duncan

Entertainment center looking for performers in Duncan

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - The Duncan Enhancement Trust Authority is looking for upcoming artists and bands to perform at their new amphitheater-entertainment center.  The venue will be a place for residents to enjoy live music and other outdoor events.

In October of last year, DETA held ward meetings in all four wards to gather input from local residents. The meeting was focused on beautification, improving quality of life, and finding ways to bring more visitors to Duncan businesses. DETA found a location that is ready for use.

It's located behind the Duncan swimming pools along highway 81.  It used to be home to a zoo back in the 1930's,the platform remains in good condition and already has a stage.

Jennifer Cochran has lived in Duncan for about 35 years. She believes the location for the amphitheater is perfect.

"It's set up so neat we have always played around that area when we were growing up and I've taken my kids there to play and I always thought it would be perfect for entertainment. Its a really neat spot," Cochran said.

Community Development Director Nate Schacht said their goal is to see if residents will consider using the location for performances
 Schacht said it already has a stage and power connections, making it ready for use.

we've got parking areas already here because it is host of the swimming pools, we've got playground equipment for the children so if its a family event they can go to the swing sets, their is a pavilion so if you want to bring your own food you can," Schacht said.

Schact adds it will benefit the city in several ways by potentially bringing in more visitors to businesses, providing an opportunity for performers, and giving families something to do on the weekend.

"At a small scale if its just friends and family performing for one another it will build the community, you will have people coming together and enjoying the beautiful weather being social with neighbors and just having a good time and being involved with one another," Schacht said.

"It's a nice place, its peaceful and you can relax out there, I think we would really enjoy seeing some entertainment there," Cochran said.

Schact hopes the site will grow in the future and become a tourist destination.

"Will we ever have the rolling stones perform on a stage the size behind me probably not, but if we could have a band that wants to make it big someday and this is their first venue where they perform at how neat would that be not only for the city of Duncan but for Southwest Oklahoma saying the next big act started here in our neck of the woods," Schacht said.

Schacht said the next step is to find a band, musician, or artist that is interested in performing at the entertainment center-amphitheater. If you are interested call (580) 251-7715 for more information.

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