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Orthodontist seeing an increase in seniors getting braces

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - When most people think of braces they think of teenagers and young adults, but the Oklahoma Orthodontic Society is seeing an increase in patients age 70 and older.

Some patients weren't able to afford it when they were younger, paying for their children's braces, and others are now more conscious about their appearance and health and are looking for a boost in confidence.  

Dr. Matthew Jones has been an orthodontist for 9 years and said the trend of seniors getting braces is becoming more and more popular.

"We've seen a large increase in patients of an older population. Actually these last few years about 20 percent of the entirety of the United States population  that is in braces or Invisalign adult patients. So 1 in 5 patients are going to be adults in our practice roughly. So a lot of people are becoming more self conscious about their smile," Jones said.

Dr. Jones said the average wear time for braces is 22 months, but for older patients the only drawback is that the teeth might move in a little bit slower, and while braces help improve your smile by giving you straight teeth, Dr. Jones said he was able to help a man over 70, who had trouble keeping his lips closed due to facial paralysis in part of his face, and was able to create an appliance for him.

"We fabricated an appliance to basically allow elastics that would snap over his teeth and it was an invisible appliance and he was able to wear elastics between the two arches that would hold his lip posture closed and hold his teeth together and it was a tremendous benefit," said Jones.

Dr. Jones said braces can also help seniors after a hard fall, or those who have been in accidents years ago.

"We work hand and hand with them to be able to develop a treatment plan and put the teeth in the right position so if any kind of prosthetic replacements are indicated then we can get them a nice result," said Jones.

Jones said the most satisfying parts of his job is seeing the results in his patients.

"You can look and see the difference in the patients pre and post treatment  pictures, their level of confidence not even just looking at the lower facial third, actually up in the eye region you can see a lot of difference in patients just by the level of confidence from having a pretty smile," Jones said.

Dr. Jones said braces have no age limit and encourages anyone who may have been afraid to get braces because of their age to now consider them. If you are interested you can give their offices a call at (580) 357-4946.

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