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Congressman Tom Cole discusses FBI Director Comey’s termination at KSWO studios

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Congressman Tom Cole stopped by the KSWO studios earlier today and we had the chance to talk with him about some of the issues Washington is facing, in particular, Comey's termination.

Congressman Cole told me while he respects Director Comey, he's become controversial over the last few months.

“I think he reached a point, whether he meant to or not, people started to lose confidence in the FBI and we can't have that. That's a premiere law enforcement agency in the country, and people have to know it's going to be run in a professional, non-partisan manner."

As for other Oklahoma legislators, Senator James Lankford said in part he is grateful for Comey's service and quote "it is unfortunate that over the past year... the Director had lost the trust of so many people from both sides of the aisle."

Senator Jim Inhofe says, "I respect the recommendation of attorney general Jeff sessions and Deputy Attorney General. I look forward to the Trump administration's pick to head this important law enforcement agency."

Representative Steve Russell says in part, “Director Comey has provided this nation a lifetime of dedicated service. The fact that he has angered all sides of the political spectrum speaks to his independent nature as a law enforcer.”

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