Discover Oklahoma- Klemm’s Smoke Haus

Discover Oklahoma- Klemm’s Smoke Haus

EDMOND, OK- Oklahoma is certainly known for its different kinds of barbecue! This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, find out about one popular restaurant's version of barbecue.

Klemm's Smoke Haus in Edmond is a family-run restaurant that is buzzing with business because of their different take on barbecue.

"A long time ago we knew we wanted to do something like this. We knew we wanted to have a restaurant of some sort," said Jan Clem. "We started having people ask us to cater for them and so doing that we would just do whatever they wanted us to do and then one time they said they wanted barbecue."

After their catering business took off they decided to get in on the food truck craze. They had a successful food truck for three years before they found the location for the restaurant a year ago and folks are going crazy for their German-influenced barbecue treats.

"We do sandwiches that have a German flair to them. And so we make our own German mustard, we do a take on mac and cheese that is our own cheese sauce. We do all of our own recipes. We do a couple of different specialty sandwiches that have our own brats on them and our own sauerkraut and a red cabbage apple slaw so it just has a little twist to it that makes it stand out a little bit."

The whole family is in on the business. Jan handles the event coordinating and books the food truck for festivals, businesses, and churches. The couple's daughter, Ashley, takes care of the paperwork and bills while john, her husband, and their son, JJ, handle the food.

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