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6th annual Transitional Program Talent Show

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - "Don't stop believing",that was the theme of the 6th annual Lawton Public School's Transitional Program Talent Show for students with special needs.

About 20 students showed off their skills and talents for their classmates, parents, teachers, and people from the community.
Some of the performers sang, others danced, or performed monologues and poems they wrote themselves.
The transitional program is for students ages 18 to 21, and allows the students to work with different agencies and services, helping them to be successful in the future.

Transitional Program 1st year student, Elisha Taylor sang Love Hurts by Joan Jett while playing the guitar. While Taylor said she loves to sing, another reason she decided to participate was to help her get over her stage fright.

"Phew! Well I was nervous, but when I heard my mom shout my name my nervousness went out the door. It was so supporting to see my family and friends," Taylor said.

1st year student Katelynn Hanna dressed up as her favorite singer Megurine Luka and performed one of her songs titled "Lie".

"I've known this song for a while now," Hanna said.

Hanna also showed off her artistic skills and drew a portrait of Megurine Luka. Hanna said her passion for art started after she watched Anime TV shows.

"I just kind of evolved into my own art style and I'm really excited about where its been going because now I can draw it on the computer," said Hanna.

Transitional Program Director Rita Poshard said the program focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the students and builds on those strengths helping  them become the best that they can be.

"For example if we have a student that wants to be a teacher and they do not have the ability to go to college there is always something out there that they could seek such as a daycare provider or a personal care assistance," Poshard said.

And Poshard adds she was totally amazed by the performances!

"I could not believe the talents that our young people have and I couldn't believe the courage that they took to get out there and perform," said Poshard.

It was tough a job for the judges to choose a winner. It ended up being a tie between singers Emily Smith and Victoria Woo. Singer Victoria Woo says the talent show means a lot to her.

"What's most important is don't worry about the people that's out there just go and have fun," Woo said.

Poshard says the show was so successful that they're already excited about next year's show!
She said they will have a BBQ party for the transitional students next Tuesday at Elmer Thomas Park to celebrate growth, maturity, and responsibility.

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