Students get a taste of the real world at annual career fair

Students get a taste of the real world at annual career fair
LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Eighth grade students at MacArthur Middle School got a first-hand look at what it takes to enter the real world at the school's annual career fair Thursday.
Students rotated through six sessions listening to presentations from employees from organizations across the community.
MacArthur Middle School's counselor and organizer of the event, said the goal of the day was to follow their mission of having college and career-bound students.

MacArthur Middle school was full of curious students today at their annual career fair.

Listening to professionals from Lawton Fire Department, Great plains technology center among others that presented at the fair.

Angel Frasier attended and she said when she grows up she wants to be a nurse and although there weren't any presenters with her career choice she was glad to learn about other possible career paths.

"To get a few ideas just in case I may not go with idea A I can fall back on ideas B and C,” said Frasier.

Which is exactly what counselor Jerri Santos said their goal of the day was, to give students choices in the future.
"Whether they want to attend Great Plains Technology center, or Cameron university or maybe go into other careers that need individual training. It's important for them to get started now,” said Santos.

She said she also wants them to be prepared and hopes the presentations gave them new ideas.

"That a seed is planted,” said Santos. “That they have time over the summer to kind of think about high school and their future and maybe do a little research on their own if they found something here that was interesting and something that they want to pursue when they become adults."

Ashley Burrow said she's thankful for the knowledge she gained from each session that day.

She had an important message for other students.

"No matter how hard you try you can become what you want to,” said Burrow. “And just stay in school and get your education."
This year at the career fair, MacArthur Middle School students also had the chance to hear from employees at Wichita Wildlife Refuge and in cosmetology for the first time.

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