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Discover Oklahoma- Arbuckle Trail Rides

ARBUCKLE, OK- How would you like to blaze a new trail? Well, the trail isn’t new, but the adventure and fun of going horseback riding can be a new experience every time. This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, Dino Lalli takes us to Arbuckle Trail Rides to see how horseback riding is just naturally therapeutic.

What a noble creature.  No matter your skill level, there’s an elegance to riding a horse. Horses have quite a unique and brutally honest way of teaching us about ourselves.

“You can fool people sometimes but you can’t fool a horse. He knows immediately how much you know,” said McKenzie McCaleb “The fun I get out of riding a horse is the knowledge you can gain from them, and they're relaxing to be around. You can learn a lot from them.”

Expert horsemanship is not required to experience the joys of riding. And you can enjoy the fun and joy of riding at Arbuckle Trail Rides anytime.

“We do everything by reservation and there'll be a guide and a set of horses waiting for them when they get here. We do our longer rides in the national park, Chickasaw National Recreation Area. We do our shorter rides right here on the ranch.”

And on this beautiful day, we are riding on the Wolfe’s Ranch which has a wonderfully varied and combined terrain of openness, trees, and ponds.

“We do not take out large groups. Generally, six to eight is as big a group as we take. Sometimes we take out special large groups of church or school groups here on the ranch and we'll take more than that, but for the most part our regular trail rides we take only six to eight people.”

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