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LFD gets new rescue vehicle

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The Lawton Fire Department now owns a new rescue truck aimed at monitoring the health of firefighters in the field.

The vehicle was purchased a few weeks ago to serve as a mobile health vehicle for the department. It will be sent out to fires, and any other disaster where it might be needed to allow firefighters to get in-depth medical checks before they ever leave the scene.

Lawton Fire Chief Dewayne Burk said that medical assistance consists of a wide variety of tests.

"Vital signs, we can run EKGs with our cardiac monitors, we can administer IVs if they need fluids and ultimately just run a medical evaluation on them before they return to service,” Burk said.

Chief Burk said the new equipment will be very helpful for the firefighters who often just have a few moments to prepare before having to hurry to a fire.

"Because you go from a controlled environment in the fire station where you are maybe doing classroom training or something of that sort to you're at 100-percent physical exertion while you're engaged in fire suppression activities," Burk said.

The vehicle cost $38,000, which was paid for partially by the department's fire cost recovery funding. The rest was paid for through the sale of surplus equipment.

"It will be housed at Fire Station One, which is Central Fire Station and so it's response area as we speak is the entire community,” Burk said.

Chief Burk said they are already in the process of purchasing another rescue vehicle. In the future, both of those vehicles could potentially be used for much more than just assisting fire fighters on the scene.

"This is a rescue unit but it has the potential to be utilized for transport capabilities. At this point in time, we're preparing an agenda item to take to council for consideration should they desire us to be able to perform those functions and be able to transport not just ourselves but citizens should it be necessary."

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