Lawton students head to Stillwater for OK Special Olympics

Lawton students head to Stillwater for OK Special Olympics

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- The opening ceremonies of the Oklahoma Special Olympics are this evening. This morning, we caught up with some local Olympians as they were leaving town.

Buses full of students were headed up to Stillwater.  We spoke with a father of an Olympian who told us how much these games have changed his son:

"Before where he didn't want to be athletic he's taken the opportunity to do more things in the classroom he supports his peers and he's just a lot more open than he used to be," said Jason Bankston.

And Bankston couldn't hide his pride for his son. He says his son is happy no matter the outcome of an event -- and just loves to be with his peers.

"It's the proudest thing for me because he's achieving so much more than what people thought he would ever achieve and to me that's just the biggest thing that soars over any accomplishment that I've ever made."

The opening ceremonies kick off at 7:30 tonight.  The Special Olympics include competitions in 9 sports, including track and field, golf, softball, and basketball.  The first event begins tomorrow at 8 in the morning. The special Olympics last until Friday.

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