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CETES center helps two businesses get started


LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Two business owners graduated from the Center for Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Studies center on Wednesday after the center helped both of them get their businesses off the ground, and ready to set out on their own. 

They provide office space, advice, contacts at the university, and often allows student interns to help. Business owners work out of the center until their business is off the ground, staying on average between one and three years before getting their own space.

Kelley Edwards and her husband came to the CETES center in 2013 for help with their business, Lawton Marketing Group, which only had one client. They now have clients in 43 states. 

"We do everything from web design, app development, social media marketing, television commercials, graphic designing,” Edwards said. “We're a full-service ad agency."

Like Edwards, CETES originally helped Meegan Mackay remotely until office space was available for her business, Artes Pro Vita, which teaches soft skills to those in the business world, and the military.

"Soft skills are about interpersonal communication,” Mackay said. “Like listening, communicating verbally as well as non-verbally, negotiating, conflict resolution, and so much more."

 She also started a non-profit called Skills for Life Foundation that helps students learn the skills they need for when they graduate.

Arun Tilak, the Director for CETES said starting a business is difficult and expensive, which is where the center comes in. 

"We've got office space which is furnished, high-speed internet, and more important than just office space is access to people like us who will help you, guide you, and grow you," Tilka said.

They offer that until business owners can eventually get their own office space, which is what Edwards recently did, but says the space provided by CETES is what helped her stay financially stable.

"It allowed us to launch and maintain being debt free and to stay financially healthy despite our business growing rapidly," Edwards said.

Mackay had similar praise for the CETES center.

"Cameron University and CETES had exactly what I needed…guidance and mentorship to start me where I'm at. I truly believe I wouldn't be where I'm at this soon,” Mackay said. “I believe it would've taken much, much longer had I not had CETES to help me walk those steps."

The center has two office spaces open and they’ll be happy to talk to you about ideas and let you know what they think. You can get more information about the CETES center by clicking here.

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