Walters loses three city officials

Walters loses three city officials

WALTERS, OK (KSWO) - The Walters Fire Chief and the City Manager have submitted their resignations, following news that the General Superintendent also resigned last week.

Minutes from the last city council meeting on Tuesday say Fire Chief and Emergency Manager Monty Powers and City Manager Shawn Strange both resigned.

Strange gave a 30-day notice, but Powers' resignation was effective immediately.

According to the minutes, Powers stated that he is concerned for the safety of his firemen and does not feel he can protect them.

It also stated that Strange let the council know that General Superintendent Michael Bryant resigned effective last Friday the 12th.

Both Powers and Strange declined to comment but Bryant made a statement.

"I just felt that it was in the best interest of the city which I believe has best potential for growth and to prosper," Bryant said. "But until the people holding that town back let go and let it happen it, it won't. Hopefully, in future, they'll get the right person in there and get them to understand the great potential there."

City councilman Bob Nance says none of the men were asked to resign.

The council is holding a special meeting Tuesday May 23 to discuss the resignations.

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