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LOOK: Take an interactive tour of Confederate monuments across the US

(RNN) -  Workers in New Orleans are taking down the last of four Confederate Statues in the Big Easy on Friday while there is a debate swelling across the country on whether the monuments have a place in public.

There are more than 15,015 historical markers commemorating the US Civil War, according to the Historical Marker Database. Those markers come in many shapes and sizes: signs, buildings, cemeteries and statues.

Below is a map that serves as a digital road trip across the United States, showing a select 166 Confederate memorials.

Thanks to Google Map's Street View, users can click each individual marker and be transported to a 360-degree view of the monument and its surrounding area. This map explores small town America (welcome to Mayfield, Kentucky) and large metropolitan areas (Chicago).

This is an on-going project at the intersection of history, geography and journalism. It's designed to be a transparent and prescient look at a growing debate and a road map of the pressure points where tension could become the next location of New Orleans-style protests. 

If there's a glaring bug or error, reach out to us at rnnhub@raycommedia.com. It's not complete and it may never be fully filled in, but it will continue to be built upon.

Scroll over and zoom for greater detail. Click a marker to see a Google Street View of the monument:

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