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Murphy Farms loses greenhouses, crops in storms

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COTTON COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - One cotton county farmer said she and her family lost everything during the storms that tore through the area Thursday night.

Two greenhouses at Murphy Farms were badly damaged, with the roofs being torn off and the metal badly bent. The owner, Elisabeth Murphy said she knew the damage was bad because of how strong last night's storms were, which only made Friday that much more difficult.

"It's hard to get out of bed because you don't want to come look at how hard you've worked on everything,” Murphy said. “It's all gone in a matter of a couple hours and today we're trying to pick ourselves up.”

Murphy said the storms destroyed two of their greenhouses along with most of their crops and their peach trees. She said it is especially tough to see for anyone in her profession.

“If you're a farmer you understand how hard it is to grow things in Oklahoma and you understand how it cuts to the heart of you,” Murphy said. “Because you put your heart into the farm every single day, every morning, every night. It's just difficult."

Murphy said insurance doesn't cover damage to greenhouses due to wind. She said she and her family put all their money into the greenhouse and their crops. Friday, they took what was left of those crops to a farmer's market for employees of Duncan Regional Hospital.

"We hope we can get the support of them because our coolers are down, we've lost power, we have no way to keep anything we have here the rest of the week so we just hope to have the support of them to come buy a head of lettuce or a bell pepper,” Murphy said.

Murphy said any help anyone can give her is appreciated, but right now she doesn't even know what they need.

"We can't even think about it right now. We just need a day to get ourselves together and not feel sorry for ourselves because right now we just feel sorry for ourselves. We just want to pull our boots back up and keep going like everybody else,” Murphy said.

Murphy said they haven't been able to check their other greenhouses yet. She said they are flooded and she wants to make sure it's safe before assessing the damage.

If you would like to help, you can donate to this GoFundMe page.

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