Lawton Police Department celebrates National Police week with a ride along

Lawton Police Department celebrates National Police week with a ride along
LAWTON, OK (KSWO) Police officers across the nation are celebrating National Police week this week.
In observance, Lawton Police Department gave us a look into the ins and outs of an officer's daily routine.

7 News reporter Chelsea Floyd rode along with officer Danny Smith to find out what it takes to protect and serve.

We're more than just a uniform and a badge out here,” said Smith.

Officer Danny Smith has been working with the Lawton Police Department for three years.

He said his day normally begins with a brief meeting alongside other Lawton police officers, discussing crimes that happened earlier in the day and suspects to be on the lookout for.

That's exactly what we did right before heading out on calls.

Daily, Lawton police answer calls from dispatch using this radio.

They respond to approximately 30 calls each a day in order of priority to get to each scene as quickly as possible.

Smith said common calls include domestic disturbances, burglaries and assaults in the area.

Our first call was domestic standby call that ended up getting called off.

But things got intense when I got to tag along as officer smith as he assisted in a drug arrest.

Smith said one of the most difficult parts of his job can sometimes be the unpredictability.

"Always the unknown,” said Smith. “Just because dispatch puts out a call that says a 911 hang-up at a house doesn't mean you're not going to walk up you think it's just someone that accidentally dialed 911 but it can quickly spiral into something else."

But when he's not wrapped up in all the excitement of answering calls he said he's doing traffic enforcement, checking on his surroundings or filing reports back at the station.

He even keeps toys in his car for kids in the community.

His hope is to create better interactions between citizens and officers.

"Be able to help people,” said Smith. “Whether they realize it at the time or not. Towards the end, they always come back and say 'hey I know I'm going to jail for a very long time but, thank you for doing what you do and you are one of the nicest officers I ever met.'

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