Family of 9 left speechless after home catches fire

Family of 9 left speechless after home catches fire

INDIAHOMA, OK (KSWO) - A family of 9 in Indiahoma is still in shock after their house caught fire before sunrise Monday.

It started around 5 o'clock at their home on Northwest Cache Road. The owner said sparks and flames started coming out of the breaker box in his bedroom. It took the Indiahoma Fire Department almost three hours to put the fire out. They tore through the bedroom ceiling to access the attic to make sure the fire wasn't still burning there. While the home is still standing, fire crews say it has extensive smoke and water damage.
The fire melted a water line which caused flooding throughout it. The family says the house a complete loss.

Clinton Anderson said his morning went from calm to chaotic in a matter of minutes.

"I was sleeping...I was dreaming about popcorn because I was like mm popcorn, then you hear pow! Pow! Pow! Three or four five six seven pops opened my eyes and sparks coming out the walls," Anderson said.

Anderson said there were flames and sparks coming out of the breaker box above his bed.

"I was like holy crap I did a somersault flipped off the bed stood up and the only thing my only reaction was to throw the bed over and to get my boy out," Anderson said.

Anderson's son was sleeping in the same room while his wife and six other children were sleeping in other bedrooms. Anderson said they quickly rushed out of the home and called 911, waiting for fire crews to arrive on the scene.

"I'm still trying to put it together I don't even know what to think," said Anderson said.

He said his kids were in a daze about what happened.

"Just in awe none of them were crying it was really what's going on why are we waking up so early," said Anderson.

But Anderson said he is thankful everyone escaped safely.

" I know the grace of God was with us I know that. I know he was there with his hands on us. I mean he woke me up out of my sleep and I know he was there," said Anderson.

Anderson said it will be difficult to recover from the loss of their home and find a new place to live...but he adds material things come and go and having his family is all that matters.
"Just look at the little ones they are living it up I guess I mean you know the kids they live day by day….day by day but me and my wife you know we out years in that house it took many years into making a home and for it to get taken away like that it does hurt," said Anderson.

Anderson and his family are currently receiving help from the Red Cross. Anderson says they need diapers and clothes for their children ages 6 months through 12 years old. If you would like to help send an email to

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