Class provides footstone for classmates late father

Class provides footstone for classmates late father

TEMPLE, OK (KSWO) - A fifth and sixth grade class in Temple raised more than 600 dollars in a bake sale for a classmate's father who unexpectedly passed away back in March.

As part of a class project, the students had to come up with a business plan and then follow through with it. At first, they didn't know what they were going to do, but after tragedy struck one of their own, the plan and the purpose quickly came together.

When they were first starting the business plan, one of the student's father was seriously injured in an ATV accident while hog hunting. Steven Griffith would spend six days on life support before passing away on March 29th.

The student's teacher Erica Gonzalez said the students voted to give the money to the Griffiths and the teachers decided to spend the money on a foot stone because the family needed one.

Steven's wife, Melissa Griffith, remembers him as a happy person who loved life.

After his father's death, Joey Griffith spent some time out of school to be with family, but what he didn't know was that his class was working on their business project with him in mind. They planned and held a bake sale which sold out and raised more six hundred thirty-six dollars.

"I feel bad that they've lost that," Classmate Phoenix Jones said. "And I'm just happy that we earned some money for them."

Although the family knew about the bake sale, they didn't know what the class planned to do with the money. Melissa said she thought it was going to benefit classrooms until Joey's teacher called to tell her the class decided to purchase a footstone for Steven's grave.

"The whole town, the whole community had come together for us," Melissa said. "If I could thank each one of them personally I would. It's been very comforting to know that they all care about us that much."

Joey said he was surprised when he heard what his class had done for his family.

"Once my mom told me that night I was kinda happy because my friends were watching out for me," Joey said. 

Raising the money and donating a footstone is something the kid's teacher, Erica Gonzalez said not only impacts the family but also the class.

"When the kids see that footstone they're gonna know that they are the ones that did that and that just because you're from a small town or you're young doesn't mean that you can't do something great like this," Gonzalez said.

The footstone isn't finished yet, but Melissa said their five kids names will be engraved on the stone, and she hopes it serves as a reminder to her children how much they meant to him.

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