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No change in landfill fee policy but changes to its enforcement

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-For the past six weeks, Lawton residents have voiced their confusion about what they believe are new fees to dump trash at the city landfill.

On Monday, the city of Lawton released a statement following KSWO’s request for clarification, saying there has been no change in their policy, but residents say that what used to be free for them, is something they now have to pay for to drop off.

According to Lawton City Councilman, Dwight Tanner, he has been getting calls and emails about these landfill fees.
He says while there was no change in policy, there was a change in enforcing that policy.

Skip Tanner was on his way to the Lawton Landfill Monday after taking down an old fence to eventually put up a new one.
Tanner says, "I want it to look nice." But a phone call from a friend stopped him.
"He said well you taking that old fence down?” says Tanner, who says he told his friend, “Yeah, I got it down. Knocked it all down.”  Tanner says the friend then said, “Well get ready because they're wanting to pop you with a little extra money because they won't take wood and stuff like that out there no more.”

That lead to a call to City Councilman Dwight Tanner, no relation to Skip Tanner, who said he was already trying to figure out why utility paying residents were getting charged for dumping when before it was part of the utility bill.  "Something that wasn't being enforced, is now being enforced," said Councilman Tanner.  He says he found out from the city that some contractors were taking advantage of the "free" dumping.
He adds, "And they'll use someone's water bill to go out there and dump what is commercial trash and debris. Construction and demo debris."

The policy lists that if you bring things like yard clippings or household trash as a resident in your own car or truck, it's free, but debris common with remodeling your home, could come at a fee depending on how much you bring.

Councilman Tanner says he wants to work with the city to change the policy to make it more "user-friendly" for the citizens to follow.

"We want people to be able to to carry trash to the dump like they've always done, and dump it,” says Tanner, “And we're going to do what we can do to make sure that continues."

As for Skip, he ended up taking his old fence wood out to his son's dumpster.
He says he wants to see a “different enforcement” at the landfill so he can continue to use it for any backyard projects.

"I'm pretty sure that it has been abused.” says Tanner, “But they need to do something out there to stop that. Instead of just wacking us with it."

In the statement from the city, the Solid Waste Division and City Management are looking at the policy for dumping of those construction materials and seeing if they can ensure consistency in the fees charged to the residents.

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