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Bill that allows Oklahoma voters choice of Sunday liquor sales goes to Governor Fallin

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A bill waiting to be approved by Governor Fallin would give voters in individual counties the chance to decide if liquor stores should be open on Sundays.

It was passed by the House of Representatives Monday. Senate Bill 211 is meant to complement State Question 792, which voters approved in November to modernize the state's alcohol laws.

JP Richard, the store owner says even if this passes, he will not be open every Sunday and they will also not be open until midnight, which is allowed under SQ 792, because it's too dangerous. He also doesn't think sales will go up at all by opening on Sundays, but it will be more convenient for the customers.

Nothing gained and not worth the risk, is what JP Richard, the Owner of Cache Liquor Store says about Senate Bill 211.

"All you do is spread your business out over 7 days instead of 6, so there's not a lot of enthusiasm for that, but there will be a lot of stores that will want to stay open, so it gives the consumer an option coming there or going to the grocery store," said Richard.

Right now the bill is waiting on Governor Mary Fallin's approval, and Richard thinks she will sign it and if she does, he fears it will also pass in Comanche county.

He says the convenience for customers is just not worth the additional work.

"It means you have additional sales clerks, additional management, utilities go up, sales don't go up," said Richard.

But, some customers say otherwise.

"It would be kind of nice, you know, when you ran out, you're having a party, you need another bottle or another 6 pack for your friends and to be able to go out and get that, that would be nice," said customer.

Sunday hours that liquor stores could be open would be limited from noon to midnight. Richard says at the end of the day, even though it may be an option to be open that late and open on Sundays, he won't always choose to do it.

"There's certain things that I'm just not going to subject my employees and my managers to and I'm not going to put them in harms way just for an additional sale or two," said Richard.

If the bill is signed by Gov. Fallin, it will be up to each county to put the issue on the ballot.

Either the county commissioners could call for a special election or 15 percent of registered voters in a county could sign a petition asking for a vote.

The Sunday sales would go into effect with State Question 792 in the fall of 2018, at the earliest.

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