SW OK Animal Shelter helps exotic animals, other wildlife

SW OK Animal Shelter helps exotic animals, other wildlife

FREDERICK, OK (KSWO) - From baby owls and raccoons, to exotic birds, ducks and goats, one Southwest Oklahoma nonprofit is working to make sure every animal in need has a good home.

Owner of Southwest Oklahoma Animal Rescue Julie Parks said right now, they are caring for baby possums and raccoons.

"Most of them come in as orphan babies or their moms have been hit by cars. We bottle feed them, we teach them how to find food on their own and then we send them out into the wild," Parks said.

Parks said they teach the wildlife to find their food by hiding it outside and training them on how to find it. Most their animals are livestock that have been brought to them from people all over the state, who often are not able care for them anymore.

"If it wasn't for us they'd be going to auction and they'd be sold to the kill buyers," Parks said.

While they don't adopt out the wildlife, that is not the case with the livestock.

"We would like to find them homes. Every adoption we do, that money gets put back into the rescue for feed and helping with other animals that we have," Parks said.

Parks said they have not had many adoptions and most of the funding to care for all the animals that stay at the rescue comes right out of her pocket. She hopes to find good homes for all the animals, but knows not everyone can adopt goats, chickens and pigs, but they may be able to help feed the animals.

"We need bird feed, hay, sweet feed, dog food, a lot of the animals that are wildlife, they eat the dog food," Parks said.

The Southwest Oklahoma Animal rescue is certified with the state of Oklahoma for the work they do and is also a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

For more information on the organization, you can go here.

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