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Exhibit opens at Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center

(Source: KSWO) (Source: KSWO)
(Source: KSWO) (Source: KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A new art exhibit opened at the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center on Tuesday featuring Barthell Little Chief who is one of the tribe's most critically-acclaimed artists. The Lawton native said he’s honored to be back in his hometown for this exhibit.

His work features several traditional paintings of iconic Native American images, such as warriors on horseback. There's also a section of art that's done in a more modern style but is still true to the culture of the tribe.

He said while he started out working in paint, about 20 years ago, he ventured into sculpting, and this exhibit includes several of those pieces as well. One of his sculptures on display has a combination of horses, hawks, and an eagle.

The exhibit is called Quahada Pride because his family was a part of the Quahadas were a band, and Little Chief said he hopes it conveys the spirit of his people.

"We're objectifying the plains Indian life,” Little Chief said. “The horse culture, the Comanches. Kit Carson said the Comanches and the Kiowa were the greatest warriors he fought against of all the fighting Indians and the warrior ethic is still with our people."

The artist tries to make sure he's accurate in what he portrays in his art whether it's the people, landscape, animals, or headdresses.

This exhibit continues until September second so if you didn't have time to make it out already, you still have plenty of time to go see his work.

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