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Criminal reform bills will remain open until next year

Scott Biggs Scott Biggs

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KWTV)-  Yesterday, with just one day left in the legislative session, the Governor Mary Fallin held a press conference in a last-ditch effort to convince Representative Scott Biggs (R) Grady County, to hear four criminal reform bills that she said would reduce the prison population by keeping more non-violent offenders out of prison, saving the state $200-million a year.

“I’m pleading with the chairman of the committee, Representative Scott Biggs to please let the bills go,” Governor Mary Fallin told the press.

Representative Biggs waved each bill off till next year.

“What the governor’s asking us to do took Texas six years to do what we’ve tried to do in one session. We simply cannot accomplish, especially given the fact that we have zero funding opportunities for these programs,” Biggs said before adjourning the meeting without taking questions.

The bills will remain open until next year.

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