Lawton Police Department cadets train to spot drunk drivers

Lawton Police Department cadets train to spot drunk drivers
LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Lawton Police Department cadets received hands-on training Friday from some interesting volunteers---they were intoxicated.
Friday was the final exam for Lawton Police Department cadets in the police academy to learn what to do after they pull a driver over they suspect has been drinking.
"This is going to save lives in the end,” said Osmar Molina, training cadet.

Lawton Police Department has been doing the standardized field sobriety test for over eight years.

Officers pick up participants for the training cadets and give them drinks depending on how quickly their blood alcohol content climbs.

Molina said they were looking for anything strange from the volunteers to determine if they would arrest them or not.

"Involuntary movements in the eyes that we are looking for,” said Molina. “Balancing, if they are following during instruction and things like that."

They evaluated the subjects by asking them to walk in a straight-line test, stand on one leg while counting and use a breathalyzer and more.

In Oklahoma, the legal limit for alcohol is .08 and the portable breathalyzer gives the officer a preliminary reading of the suspects intoxication level.

Molina said the part of test participants struggling with the most was the eye test.

"For the most part we could tell they were drunk,” said Molina. “The eyes are one of the biggest things that give it away. Anyone can do all the other parts of the test without any issues but the eyes don't lie."

He said that if the participants failed during any part of the test they would follow through with an arrest.
"Hopefully that'll teach them a lesson to not go out there and do it again and that way we keep them safe and everyone else on the road safe,” said Molina.

Sergeant JR Helms said this training is one of the most important for cadets.

"We're looking for their proficiency,” said Helms. “Making sure they are making the proper decisions when they get out here on the street."

He said the training not only equipped more officers but helps to make the community better.
"We want to get the drivers off the street that have been drinking and can harm other innocent parties out here,” said Helms.

Which is exactly what Molina said they train for.

"People are going to make dumb decisions every once in a while and it's going to be up to us to be out there keeping them safe. Keeping the rest of the public safe,” said Molina.

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