Tornado causes damage in Ringling

Tornado causes damage in Ringling

RINGLING, OK (KSWO)- A tornado left residents near Ringling spooked after a storm hit Saturday night.
Two tornadoes hit southern Oklahoma.

One just northwest of Ringling and one south of Sulphur.
"You know, it is scary,” said Jerri Davis, Ringling, Oklahoma resident.

Jerri Davis was just one of the many residents that witnessed the tornado first hand.

She and her husband first received an alert of the storm on their television.
"They kept saying it was coming so I went and told my husband 'you better get your clothes on we might have to go to the cellar,” said Davis.

She said before they could take cover in their cellar she caught a glimpse of how it looked outside.

"Instead of just jagged lighting it seemed like the whole sky was just light,” said Davis.

She said her and her husband were down in the cellar for thirty minutes and when they came back in the house it was hard to relax and go to sleep.

"I stayed up maybe 12 one in the morning because the way the sky was looking,” said Davis. “I didn't think that was normal the way a sky should look."

She said on Sunday she noticed debris outside some of which was caused by wind damage, a couple of fallen power poles, a lot of lighting and hail across the surrounding area.

"There was some later on the porch it was about dine sized and some was pea sized,” said Davis.

She said she also noticed some of her neighbors trying to clean up what was tossed around last night and some even still trying to get their power back on after the outage.

However, despite the cleanup she said this storm was just another reminder for her to stay alert during severe weather.

"I know if something is coming it's best to get out the way,” said Davis.

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