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Inmates who escaped from Greer County Jail captured, identified

Darren Padron Darren Padron
Nick Ritter Nick Ritter
Anthony Acuna Anthony Acuna
LeeAnn Lovett LeeAnn Lovett

MANGUM, OK (KSWO)- Two inmates who escaped from the Greer County Jail in Mangum are back in custody. Nick Ritter and Darren Padron were the two escaped inmates. 

Dispatchers said they were able to break out of the jail around 8:30 last night after locking a guard inside a cell and taking the keys. According to documents, the Jailer asked Ritter to fill up his water bottle. When Ritter returned, Ritter pushed the Jailer into a cell, knocked him down, and put him in a chokehold. Ritter then ordered a fellow inmate in the cell, Anthony Acuna, to get the keys and let Padron out of his cell. Padron and Acuna then proceeded to beat the Jailer. When they finished, they locked the Jailer in a cell with Acuna and fled out of the garage door. 

Dispatchers reported a car was stolen in the area 30 minutes later. The car belonged to a family member of Ritter's significant other.  Authorities from across the area started looking for the inmates and found them in Snyder around 1:00 a.m. Following a brief pursuit, the suspects crashed into Tom Stead Lake.

Leanne Lovett was a passenger in the vehicle. She was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Padron was previously incarcerated for conspiracy to deliver CDS. Ritter was serving time for concealing stolen property. Leanne Lovett was arrested for an outstanding warrant for bringing contraband into a penal institution. Anthony Acuna is sentenced for domestic abuse assault and battery.

They are now in the Greer County Jail.

Ritter escaped the same jail in May 2015. Padron escaped in 2011 after a conviction in Greer County.

The Jailer is expected to make a full recovery.

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