Stephens County Humane Society receives 15,000 grant to help with spay and neuter surgeries

Stephens County Humane Society receives 15,000 grant to help with spay and neuter surgeries
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO)- In an effort to reduce the stray pet population in Stephens County, The PetCo Foundation has awarded the Stephens County Humane Society a 15,000 dollar grant to help with spay and neuter surgeries.

Getting your pet spayed or neutered can be costly, and with this grant, it can help people get the surgery at a lower cost.
Instead of paying roughly a hundred dollars or more to get your pet fixed, the grant will cover the cost of the surgery and only require residents to pay a 20 or 35 dollar co-pay depending on if their pet has a rabies shot.The Humane Society said it will also reduce the number of pets coming into the shelter that are unwanted.

The SCHS said they are already at maximum capacity with about 40 dogs and 20 cats.

Humane Society Director Nicole Baldwin said last fall the shelter was awarded a 12,000 dollar grant and they were able to fix 150 animals, helping in several ways.

"It's less coming in to our shelters, they are not breeding, they are not coming into heat, they are not producing unwanted animals so we are not seeing as many come into our shelters," said Baldwin.

And Baldwin said the surgery helps reduce numerous types of cancers and since the Humane Society runs solely off donations from the community, Baldwin said it can be stressful on the volunteers.

"We get the influx we see those animals come in here needing homes so then we have to house them feed them medicate them spay and neuter them before they leave and try to find the best homes that we can," said Baldwin.

Baldwin said she is thankful there are programs like the PetCo Foundation.

" The over-population is a huge problem especially in Stephens County so to be able to try and put more of a dent in getting animals fixed where they may not ordinary be fixed because it is somewhat expensive to get that done," Baldwin said.

The grant is targeted to help pet owners with low incomes who need help with the surgery. It is limited to two pets per family, and is only for residents in  Stephens County. All you have to do is fill out an application at the shelter, and if you're accepted, they'll set up an appointment at a vet clinic in Duncan to perform the surgery.

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