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LPD cracking down on illegal turns, speeding

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - It's a traffic law many of us have broken at one time or another--making an illegal turn--but it's something the Lawton Police Department is now cracking down on.

That includes any illegal turns where cars are turning into the outside lane, rather than staying in the inside lane that they are originally in.

Sergeant Clay Houseman with the Lawton Police Department said the simple act of turning into the wrong lane can very easily cause accidents, which they are trying desperately to stop.

"It's very important. We would like to cut down on the amount of accidents happening around Lawton, we'd like the public to be safe and I believe that our traffic unit is going to get out and do that for us,” Houseman said.

Tuesday, the department took the first steps to preventing those accidents in the future.

"We're going to write a lot of warnings, we may issue some citations, but we need to get it aware and get people to understand that the proper way to turn into the lanes is the nearest lane, we don't need to be crossing two or three lanes of traffic to get into the other lane,” Houseman said.

Houseman said everyone in the department sees the illegal turns on a regular basis. Sergeant Timothy Jenkins said he thinks they can start to eliminate the problem by cutting down on it with events like today's.

"A lot of times people see other people do it in front of them and they'll do it, they'll follow suit,” Jenkins said. “You're not supposed to do that. You're supposed to take that turn that is closest to you and then get over when necessary."

Jenkins said the traffic specials are effective, though they aren't able to do them as often as they'd like.

"We try to do them as much as we can, obviously the city is pretty busy so we try to get as many guys as possible to come out,” Jenkins said.

The Lawton Police Department also conducted a traffic special on Rogers Lane early Tuesday morning. For that one, they were targeting speeders, which police said has become a big problem on that road. 

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