Discover Oklahoma- Robber’s Cave Riding Stables

Discover Oklahoma- Robber’s Cave Riding Stables

WILBURTON, OK- Now that summer has officially started, it's the perfect time to enjoy the great Oklahoma outdoors. This weekend on Discover Oklahoma, find out a way to do just that from horseback in the southeastern part of the state.

There are several beautiful locations in Oklahoma where you can take an enjoyable trail ride. But, one of the most picturesque and splendid places has to be here at Robber's Cave State Park. You're surrounded by the stunning San Bois Mountains and at Robber's Cave Riding Stables, you'll find several riding packages from which to choose, one of which is an overnight ride.

"Well, we have five different rides. We have the Outlaw Trail, the Belle Starr, the Jesse James, and the Cave Ride. They vary from one hour to two hours, and then the overnight, of course, is a three-hour ride leaving from the stables and we hit various spots, one of them being the cave. We spend a little time at the cave, let 'em mill around at the stone corral and tell 'em some history of the cave. Tell 'em about Jesse James and Belle Starr."

Regardless of the ride package you select, Glen says the whole point is to create an adventure.

"I think it's enjoyable for the family to get away from the city and get off the cell phones and just get back to what we love to do with the horses. That's our deal, is the horses, and I like to cook so this works, the overnight works real good for me 'cause I like to cook and Robert likes to sing, so this works out really good. It gives the people good entertainment and it gives them good food."

You can see more of that story as well as a place in Mustang where you can whip up a fresh veggie-laden dish; find out about the Tulsa Euromart and their vast selection of food; discover an exciting marketplace and a local flair from 1907 burgers in more…all that and more on Discover Oklahoma Saturday at 6:30!