7News Editorial: Fake News

7News Editorial: Fake News

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-  Fake News is a term that has become popular recently.

With the internet and a growing number of places for information, some of these sources do not verify or double check Information to ensure what's being reported is accurate. Others have journalistic standards that are questionable, and some have a personal or professional agenda to push so they position the information in such a way to further that agenda.

At KSWO 7News, we have one goal- to deliver just the facts to the viewers we serve in Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas. We verify facts to ensure the information we are reporting is accurate and being reported fairly.

Are there times we don't always get everything right? Of course, but on the rare occasion we do make a mistake, or don't provide proper context or perspective in our reporting, we work quickly to get it right.

Although some news sources are blatant in their social or political slant and agenda, rest assured, KSWO 7News is focused on unbiased, ethical, and fact-driven stories that impact your life every day.

Just another reason you can count on us at KSWO 7News.

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