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OSU participates in beef and cattle road trip

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ELGIN, OK (KSWO)-Oklahoma State University's Animal Science Department went on an Animal Science road trip Wednesday.

The Southwest Oklahoma Ranch Tour also known as 'Ranchin' Oklahoma' showcases five farm operations in the Lawton- Fort Sill area.

The tour is geared towards those interested in the beef and cattle industry.

Students and cattle producers that participated in the tour visited MCS Cattle Company in Elgin, Ballou Cattle Company in Fletcher, Collins Cattle in Frederick and more.

"The grass is green, cows are fat and people are enthusiastic about the business,” said Ken Holloway, tour attendee.

Holloway was just one of 35 visitors on the Southwest Ranch Tour.

He said he's been in the beef and cattle industry for 70 years, but still enjoys learning new things about the business.

"It's kind of in my blood,” said Holloway. “I haven't taken a cure so, I just come out to enjoy the fellowship and see if I can pick up new ideas and meet old friends."

He said besides a few new ideas he also picks up new methods from other farms that have created success in the industry.

Which is what event organizer Marty New, said is the goal of the tour.

"We are all working to achieve the same goal,” said New. “Maximize production and sustainability of the beef cattle enterprise."

Holloway said he’s taken in a wealth of information after speaking with one of the owners of at MCS Cattle Company.


"The cattle operation and bull operation was very interesting,” said Holloway. “How he answers and handles his cattle and the health program he has. It's certainly a great program and traditional program."

New said his hope is that others like Holloway get that same experience throughout the tour.

“Just further their knowledge of how to increase profitability and production and have their own beef cattle enterprise,” said New.


He also said this is the first year of the tour but it won't be the last.

For more information on how you can get involved next year you can visit the Oklahoma State University Animal Science online.

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