OU student finds camera in her apartment’s bathroom

OU student finds camera in her apartment’s bathroom

NORMAN, OK (KSWO)- A shocking discovery in an OU student's apartment- a camera. The unidentified woman says her boyfriend went to use the bathroom Monday evening and found the camera in a vent.

"For whatever reason, I just happened to look up in the vent, and there was a bunch of masking tape up there and a lens pointing down," said Jeremy Caudill, the victim's boyfriend.

Caudill opened the vent and found the camera, which has live feed and night-vision capabilities. The camera was found nearly a week after the victim moved into the apartment complex. Police said they haven't found any more cameras.

As for the victim, she's been staying in a hotel room, courtesy of the apartment complex. She is currently looking for a new place to live.

The Ave at Norman Apartments says they are helping Norman PD with the investigation.

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