Family rescued from flooded home

Family rescued from flooded home
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-The flooding caused some damage to a few homes in the area. One family had to be rescued from their house on Southwest 11th Street.

Martha Mahsetky said she was asleep until her her daughter called her this morning to warn her about the weather.

"My daughter told me you might want to get up and check the canal..of course I laid back down and went to sleep. When I realized I heard the thunder and so I got up and I looked it was already coming in our backdoor", said Mahsetky.

Mahsetky said she and her husband were standing in ankle deep water inside their home, soaking wet and cold.

"It was pretty scary when we opened up our front door and looked the police was already down near with lights on at Church's Chicken and it was already leveled to our front door and time we got a few things ready and our pet ready it was pretty bad", said Mahsetky

But Mahsetky said she is thankful, fire crews were able to rescue her and her family and lucky no one was hurt.

"I'm blessed I thank God we weren't hurt and I'm glad my daughter called and told me because I was consciously aware of it ,but I didn't think it was that bad because of the rain", said Mahsetky.

And over on Northeast 61st and Cache Road a few homes in the Valley View Subdivision were affected by the flooding. The Homeowners Association said it's a common problem when it rains heavily, like it did this morning. They said they are going to work with county officials to try and find a solution to the problem.

The Comanche County Emergency Management Office said they were slammed all morning with reports of cars stuck in the water and a few homes being damaged. Public Information Officer Ashleigh Hensch said if your home is prone to flooding you should place sand bags around it.

"Finding the high ground to get away from the water if you don't have sandbags out already it may be kind of difficult to shore up the defenses now. If we have enough time between now and if we get rain later might be able to get some sand bags stored up that would help mitigate a lot of it", said Hensch.

And Hensch said you should always be prepared when bad weather is in the area.

"Definitely have your emergency kit to go with you all the time you should have things like a first aid kit, an extra change of clothes, and extra food", said Hensch.

Hensch said if you do get trapped in your home and the water is rising you need to call 911 for help. She said if your home has sustained damage from the flooding contact the Comanche County Emergency Management Office at 580-581-3478.

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