Heavy rain, flash flood causes road closures

Heavy rain, flash flood causes road closures

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) All the heavy rain Friday caused some major issues in Lawton.

24 areas across town were closed due to flash flooding.

Some drivers even got stranded and needed to be rescued.

East Gore and Wolf Creek were just a couple of those areas hit by the flash floods.

The City of Lawton Streets and traffic control superintendent, Cliff Haggenmiller said as the rain came in quickly, drains weren't able to clear at the same pace which caused water to overflow on the roads.

"It's just not capable of taking on that amount of water one time," said Haggenmiller. "So, it just takes time for it to start to run off and move out of the area."

He said as the rain recedes some barricades and signs put up to caution drivers, will still remain up until those roads are deemed safe to drive on again.

However, Friday morning he said some drivers chose to ignore those warnings.

"Vehicles continually passing through and actually driving over our traffic control to go through those areas," said Haggenmiller. "Also, we've witnessed vehicles going around and up into private driver yards to get around that traffic control."

Haggenmiller stressed the importance of abiding by the warning signs and encouraged all drivers not to ignore the road signs and practice extreme caution while driving.

"Try to avoid the outside lanes," said Haggenmiller. "Those are usually the ones that get the most water on them. Stay to the inside lane. Watch your speeds. But more importantly please do not drive around any of our barricades or high water signs."

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