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Flooding affects Lawton Community Theater

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - An employee at The Lawton Community Theater jumped to action to prevent serious flood damage.

The theater rest in one of the city's low-lying areas, and tends to flood in heavy rain, such as Friday morning's.

The employee saw that the drainage canal was starting to overflow so she put up a barricade to keep the water from coming in.

She said the water was up to her knees on the outside of the barricade but was mostly ankle-deep on the other side. The water did get up to six inches deep inside the building. 

Once the water receded, nine people used seven vacuums for about five hours to get all the water out.

The water mostly got in the offices and in workshop room. Karen Lewis with the Lawton Community Theater said she and everybody else at the theater are happy that the water didn’t get any deeper than it did.  

"If it were to have gotten to the stage we would've had to lift the stage to get the water,” Lewis said. “We feel really lucky."

Since the building floods almost every time there's a heavy rainfall Lewis said the theater has discussed relocating.

"This area is kinda like being in a bowl, " Lewis said. "I know that's a consideration in the future, a big consideration but it would take a decent amount of money to do that and so we are going to be talking about that a lot this year."

Lewis said because of everyone's hard work today getting all the water out, Friday's flooding won't cause any problems for their upcoming show that starts June 16. 

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