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Spokes for Hope provides summer meal for kids in need

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- School is out and a local feeding program in Duncan wants to make sure all students can enjoy their summer vacations."Spokes for Hope" is hoping to do just that by stopping door-to door providing hundreds of free lunches to kids in the community.

Many kids go without a meal in the summer time often because they don't have transportation. So "Spokes for Hope" decided to give back to the community by making sure they are fed.

It was a priceless reaction seeing kids and families receive free meals from Spokes for Hope. 

About 12 volunteers from different churches in Duncan geared up this morning preparing over 170 nutritionally balanced meals.

From Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches,to fruit cups, cheese slices,and juice, the volunteers worked around the clock.

"It's our opportunity to share the light of Christ and just be able to help out in the community and let them know that we care," said Moore.

Youth Pastor at New Life Church, Hayden Moore has been a volunteer for Spokes for Hope for the past three years. Moore and other volunteers packed up their cars and loaded up a trailer attached to a bike driving around Duncan knocking on doors.

"This is my first time on a bike...so its a lot of fun though," said Moore.

Spokes for Hope first started in 2013 and is all a part of 1 True Light, which is a program designed to positively impact the lives of Children in Duncan. Director, Carol Wanzor, said she loves how much the program has grown.

"We feel like we have served a need in the community over the past four years but we are excited to be able to really expand the number of kids that we are serving this summer because we know the need is much greater than what we have served in the past," said Wanzor.

Wanzor said the food is provided by the USDA and this year Spokes for Hope received a 55-hundred dollar grant from the Sarkeys Foundation to help cover the cost. Several organizations, and businesses matched the grant with private donations making it possible to provide meals for the next 8 weeks Monday through Thursday, for kids up to age 18.

Wanzor adds they work with the schools to get the addresses of kids who benefit from the back-pack food program during the school year. From there they visit the families and determine how many kids are in the household. Wanzor said this program is her passion.  

"We have identified a lot of needy kids in our community and it means a lot to be able to connect with them , provide them food, and also provide a way for the many different church groups that we work with to ministry right here in our community," Wanzor said.

In addition to delivering the food to homes, volunteers provided an afternoon meal for kids at the Douglass Pool.For the next 8 weeks other churches from the community will take turns preparing the meals and taking them door-to door.  More information can be found a onetruelight.net

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