Officials working to identify man who drowned at East Cache Creek

Officials working to identify man who drowned at East Cache Creek

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK (KSWO) -We're learning more information about the drowning of a man in Comanche County Monday night.

Investigators found the man's body in East Cache Creek, just south of Lake Ellsworth near the Highway 277 bridge.

Officials say it happened around 7:30 Monday night. They believe the man, who was in his late 40's to early 50's, but has not been identified, was noodling or fishing in the creek. Officials say he asked a couple who happened to walk by and see the man chest deep in the water, to call the Sheriff just moments before he drowned.

East Cache Creek is a place many come during the summer to swim or noodle, which is catching catfish with your bare hands. The Sheriff's Department says it's still early in the investigation, but they suspect that might be what the man who drowned was doing Monday night. However, the couple who saw him chest deep in the water says it didn't look like he wasn't struggling to swim.

"Didn't seem to be anything wrong with the guy standing in the water," said Stradley. "He just said call the Sheriff and he asked Do you need some but call the Sheriff. And that's when he turned to his girlfriend and said go get the phone because it was in their pickup and she went to leave and the guy turned back around and he was gone."

Sheriff Kenny Stradley says they haven't had any other drownings at the creek lately, but as more and more people are doing outdoor activities during the summer, he says it's important to never do anything like fishing, swimming or noodling at the lake or creek alone, no matter if it's still daylight or not.

"It's just a situation where you need to be safe and be aware of what's going on around you and how deep it is and stuff like that," said Stradley. "Pay attention. I always believe in the 'take somebody with you'. That way if you do get in a problem, maybe they can help you."

Sheriff Stradley asks if anyone has a loved one missing to please contact the Sheriff's Department with any information.

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