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What happens when the extensions end? Dept of Homeland clarifies REAL ID enforcement plan

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (KSWO)- Oklahoma was granted time extensions until July 10th by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  After that date, driver’s licenses and state IDs will NOT be accepted at military and secure federal facilities – unless further extensions are granted.

DHS Secretary John Kelly testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on June 6th that he will be making decisions within the next week regarding which states may be granted time extensions through October 10, 2017. 

According to C-Span, Secretary Kelly stated:

“Anyone who fully understands the role of our government understands that it ends with the protection of our people. No other mission is more important, no other issue more pressing… America today is safe and secure in a way that people could not have envisioned on 9/11…and recent events show that you cannot invest too much in security. Terrorist attacks on innocent victims are horrific reminders of the dangers we face globally. They also illustrate the need to do everything we can to keep our people safe. That means getting better about verifying identity, making sure people are who they say they are, and working with international partners to raise awareness and raise their defenses, to force them if need be, to at least operate at the levels we work at.

Domestically, one of the most important enhancements to this effort is the REAL ID initiative…an enhancement passed into law 12 years ago by the United States Congress- one which most of our states and territories have taken seriously and have already adopted. Many others are working hard at compliance. In those 12 years, some elected or appointed to state and federal positions, who have the fundamental and sacred responsibility to safeguard the nation, have chosen to drag their feet or even ignore the law passed by congress. I will NOT.”

REAL ID will make America safer. It already is, and REAL ID will soon be enforced at our airports, ports of entry, and federal facilities. There is a critically important 9/11 commission recommendation that others have been willing to ignore, that I will ensure will be implemented, with no extensions for states that are not taking the effort seriously.

For those states and territories that cannot or will not make the January 2018 deadline, they should encourage their citizens now to acquire other forms of ID, compliant with the REAL ID law, like passports, available of course from the state department.”

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