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Grandmother charged with child neglect following Duncan teen’s death

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- New developments out of Duncan where the grandmother of a teen, who shot and killed another teen during a botched robbery, is now behind bars.

Brenda Hanson, 63, is charged with child neglect after telling investigators that she knew her grandson was selling marijuana.

Court documents say Hanson was interviewed by police shortly after the shooting which happened at her home. When the investigator left the room, she was caught on tape telling her grandson that police didn't know anything about the drugs. Police say the teen told Hanson to tell officers that the gun did not belong to him.

Court documents say Hanson later admitted that she knew her grandson had been selling marijuana for about a month. She said she did not call police because she was afraid of what would happen.

Police say on May 28th, suspects went to Hanson's home to steal the marijuana from Hanson's grandson. There was a struggle inside the home and the suspects ran away. Police say Hanson's grandson followed them outside and shot at the car--hitting Dylan Black who had been sitting inside the vehicle.

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