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Starbase Oklahoma teaches scouts about STEM field

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FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) Boy Scouts from Troop 173 at Fort Sill gained hands-on experience building and launching rockets as part of the Starbase Oklahoma Program.

The program is designed to inspire students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. For the last week, scouts have been working with Starbase instructors on team-building exercises, and collecting data from science-related projects.

Each scout got the opportunity to place their rocket on a base, connect it to a battery and watch it blast off. Boy Scout Cole Oaks said it was a learning experience for him.

"It was a lot of fun because like you got to learn off of other people's mistakes and everything, so if you saw someone else's rocket you like no one else was putting you down for it they were encouraging you more to do better," said Oaks.

"Its really preparing them for the future and giving them exposure to a lot of different things and that's really the bases of the scout program is developing programs that give them the opportunity to see different things and maybe make decisions about their future career choices," Spencer said.

Scout Master Alan Spencer said the scouts have analyzed different hands-on projects that applies to STEM. In addition to building and launching rockets, they also covered aerodynamics, and the gravitational forces.

"They assembled these without really much knowledge and what needed to really go into this to make it fly better so now they are doing a review to see what went wrong and how they might do it differently," said Spencer.

Eagle Scout Joshua Boothe said he is already experienced with rockets and the STEM field.

"A lot of it was re-learning so, it was going over physics stuff that I may have done 7th grade year but it was really good to review it," said Boothe

Starbase Instructor Shannon Reed said they want to promote the STEM field because it is an area where students often lose interest when they're in the traditional classroom setting.

"When you're sitting there and you are listening to all the information it can get kind of stall it can get kind of monotonous and a little boring, when you are talking about math equations and reactions. So, for kids to actually see it and have it applied to their lives, it sparks that little bit of imagination," said Reed.

This was the first time scouts from Troop 173 teamed up with Starbase, and it was such a success, they plan to do it again next year.

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