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Cub Scouts learn life skills Elmer Thomas Park

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- More than 100 Cub Scouts took over Elmer Thomas Park the week of June 5 as part of the Black Beaver District Cub Scout Day Camp.

The boys got to participate in a number of activities like; fishing, crafting and tying knots.

The day camp is an annual event for the Black Beaver District -- they've been hosting it in Elmer Thomas Park since 2005.

Jacob Lewis was one of nearly one-hundred scouts who participated in the week-long day camp.

Jacob said he learned what it took to be a true cub scout through a number of fun activities.

"Like riding bikes, fishing and eating lunch which was good," said Jacob.

Especially when you get to do it all with friends.

"I caught a catfish," said Jacob.

Cub Scout camp director Kristina Keller said  her hope is that camp simply gives scouts like Jacob a chance to get out in nature.

"Getting them outdoors," said Keller. "Getting them active, doing stuff. And meeting new friends and just being active and having fun."

Keller also said the summer camp is important to show that scouting isn't just throughout the school year but requires year-long participation.

"We do it 12 months a year," said Keller. "We are either camping, or we're doing a merit badge fair or something for the kids to keep them active."

Jacob said he's looking forward to coming back again next year and encourages other cub scouts to do the same.

"Join Cub Scouts and you can join me like with fishing, mazes, riding bikes and all sorts of other fun activities," said Jacob.

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