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State lawmaker plans to investigate OSBI

Source: KSWO Source: KSWO
Source: KSWO Source: KSWO

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-A state lawmaker plans to investigate the OSBI, specifically the actions of its director regarding the field office in Lawton, where employees were sickened by toxic mold.

Representative Bobby Cleveland announced today he'll request an interim study following a letter from disgruntled employees.

The staffers claimed that OSBI Director, Stan Florence knowingly allowed them to continue working in the Lawton
location after tests revealed the presence of mold. 

The letter went on to criticize his overall leadership, saying he is unable to understand, prioritize, and address the challenges facing the Bureau. 

Several of the employees signed it anonymously for fear of retaliation, but claimed that his decisions often conflict with, instead of support, the Agency's mission.

Florence has been the director for the past six years.  He submitted his resignation earlier this year, only to withdraw it a few days later at the urging of the OSBI Commissioners.

This special interim study requested by Representative Cleveland needs the approval of the Speaker of the House to move forward.

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