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Memorial Dedication for Automatic 8th Veterans 7th Battalion, 8th Field Artillery

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FORT SILL, OK (KSWO)- It was special day for Vietnam Veterans as Fort Sill held a memorial dedication for the Automatic 8th Veterans Association 7th Battalion, 8th Field Artillery. A monument was unveiled in remembrance to the units 50th deployment anniversary to Vietnam.

The memorial was filled with tears of joy from veterans who served in that unit.They also gave thanks to those who lost their lives during the war. Several Veterans said it feels good to finally be honored.

"Franklin Edward Moore died 25 ,March 1968 age 38," said Faas.

Vietnam Veteran Wayne Faas honored the 12 brave members of the unit who lost their lives in combat during the Vietnam war.

Vietnam Veteran Jones Edward Mattox remembers living in fear some days but is thankful he made it out alive with about 140 other men.

"We lived through it,we lived through it, but it was an experience like they say I wouldn't take 5 million dollars of what I learned over there I wouldn't take 10 to go back, it was some good times and it was some bad times," said Mattox.

Mattox said the unveiling meant a lot to him.
"If you think about it the veterans were not treated good when they came out of Vietnam cause we lost the war they say and we were mistreated now this makes up for some of the stuff that we didn't get done when we got out of Vietnam it makes you feel better that somebody is thinking about you," said Mattox.

Vietnam Veteran Gordon Walker paid tribute to the late Lt. Colonel John Osborne who was the Automatic 8th Veterans Association Alumni President. Colonel Osborne passed away in February. He spent the last four and a half years of his life working on getting this memorial completed.

"I meet John over 50 years ago he was a magnificent leader of men, a man of God and an example to us all. We all owe home a prayer of Thanksgiving without his foresight and determination we wouldn't be here today," said Walker.

Vietnam Veteran Earl Hayes said today's ceremony was something he will never forget. 

"It's was a and still is an emotional moment for me. All Vietnam veterans have had an absence of touch from our United States citizens they just let it go, they were sick of the war, sick of the politics, and they kind of forgot to honor the guys who stood up for the flag and country and this is a place now we all have that touchstone were we have honored our fallen and honor each other," said Hayes.

The memorial was followed by lots of group pictures.The veterans toured the Fort Sill Museum and had lunch. On Saturday they will have a banquet at the Apache Hotel Casino.

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