OK democrats name youngest party chair in state history

OK democrats name youngest party chair in state history

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- The youngest Democratic party chair in the history of Oklahoma says she is ready for the challenges that the role will present.

Anna Langthorn, 24, will have a lot on her plate soon, preparing for several upcoming special elections. She says she first got into politics in high school and then interned with the Oklahoma Democratic Party before serving as the president of the Young Democrats of Oklahoma, and as the campaign manager for Representative Kay Floyd.

Langthorn says she is just as focused on rural areas as she is the bigger cities:

"Those are the places where hospitals are closing and bridges are falling down and schools are shutting down and going to four days a week, we need to be doing as much work there as we are in Oklahoma City and Tulsa."

She says she wants to unite the party across the state and connect with voters while also recruiting candidates for vacant seats in the legislature. She will serve as chair for the next two years.

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