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Real Men Wear Gowns: Strokes

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- Every four minutes someone dies from a stroke.

In this week's 'Real Men Wear Gowns' report in recognition of Men's Health Month, 7NEWS reporter Haley Wilson sat down with a local doctor to hear why acting FAST is important.

Anyone can have a stoke but the risk is higher in men who are 55 and older.  Doctor Geetha Kandimala at Southwestern Medical Center says a stroke occurs when the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or reduced. It could also be caused by a blocked artery or the leaking or bursting of a blood vessel.

Doctor Kandimala says the symptoms vary from minor numbness in the face to altered mental status.

"Ask the patient to smile. If you see any facial drooping that's probably a sign that they might be having a stroke. Ask them to lift their arms, if you see any drift or any weakness in the arm that's a sign and ask them to repeat a simply sentence if you see any slurred speech or if you have any trouble finding words that's a sign that they're suffering from a stroke."

She says if your loved one is having a stroke you should remember this acronym--FAST.

"Time is brain. The faster you get to the hospital the outcomes are going to be better… 80% of the strokes are preventable. If you know the symptoms and you get help as soon as possible there is a high chance that you can get treated for the stroke.”

Doctor Kandimala says recovering from a stoke is something the patient will be doing for the rest of their life.

"Once you have a stroke patient will have a lifelong disability. The patient will have both emotional and cognitive problems so the faster the act the better the chance that the deficits are going to be better with time."

Kandimala says changing your diet, not smoking, drinking less, and getting your high blood pressure and diabetes under control are things you can do to prevent a stroke.

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