Lawton Animal Welfare officials speak about coyotes

Lawton Animal Welfare officials speak about coyotes

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton Animal Welfare said coyotes are out more often in the spring and fall, and while it's not unusual for them to wander into populated areas, they rarely pose a danger to humans.

Jennie Heater lives in Garden Village and said she hears them howling often.

"They sound like they're very close. I think the closest they come to my house is over here and it's usually at least twice a week," Heater said.

Roy Rodrick with Lawton Animal Welfare said that's a common complaint this time of year.

"We've had calls all over town," Rodrick said. "They've been in the middle of town, they've been on the outskirts and there's not one place that's more predominant with coyotes than another."

He said it's important to understand that they're afraid of people, so a good tactic is to make loud noises or exaggerated motions to scare them off.

Roderick also had advice for pet owners who let their animals stay outside.

"A lot of times the houses have a little section on the side that's still a part of your yard, make sure that that area is safe and secured," Rodrick said. "Also, they could be hiding, laying in wait, for you to let your dog out and at that point, when you shut the door they could be on it in an instant."

Heater has multiple animals who stay inside, so while she hears the howls, it's not a great concern.

"I'm not really that afraid of them because I'm an animal lover and we have encroached on their places to where there's not hardly any place for them to go anymore," Heater said. "So, I understand that they are predators and that they have to eat."

Roderick said a coyote that's infected with rabies will often display aggressive behavior, so take that as a sign of danger.

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