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Fire Station Number Five receives award from National Weather Service

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -For the past 50 years, Lawton Fire Station number 5 has helped the National Weather Service in Norman, and on Tuesday, they got a special plaque for their work and dedication.

They collect measurements of precipitation everyday by checking their large rain gauge provided by the National Weather Service then submit all the details about the conditions for that day all before 8 a.m. A representative from the center in Norman was there and says this simple work is more important than people think.

A typical day at Lawton's Fire Station number 5 starts out with a walk out to the rain gauge, measuring the rain or even snow that's in it, and then inputting that data into the computer for the National Weather Service.

Forrest Mitchell, the Observations Program Leader for the National Weather Forecast Office in Norman says this data helps them especially during tornado season.

"This basically is the backbone as the nations climate database," said
Mitchell. "We have over 11-thousand stations across the country and volunteers who offer their services to help the national weather service in gathering data. We don't have weather equipment similar to what we have at Lawton Airport available all across the country, so to fill the gap, we recruit and train volunteers. We provide the equipment and they provide the reports. They help fill in the gaps."

Fire Station five and two are the only fire stations in Lawton that have the equipment provided by the National Weather Service in the county that help them with accurate weather predictions and weather patterns across the state.

Major Dudley Teeter from Fire Station 5 says they're honored to receive this award and they know there are people in Southwest Oklahoma like farmers who depend on weather predictions year round to do their jobs.

"Rain sometimes in Southwest Oklahoma far between, so it is very important to track drought times and also track the amount of rain we get for monthly and yearly evaluations," said Teeter.

These awards are given every 25 years by the National Weather Service, but Fire Station five is the only one who's completed 50 years of service in Lawton.

"That's a testament to the dedication that these volunteers have given to help the National Weather Service and its mission," said Mitchell.

Mitchell says The National Weather Service has one or two cooperative weather stations in every county across the state, that help with data collections, like station five of the Lawton Fire Department.

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