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Thieves damage VFW Post in Duncan

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - Clean up crews are headed to the VFW Post in Duncan to clean up a big mess.Thieves broke in over the weekend and trashed the building.
They stole money and damaged about $25,000 dollars worth of equipment.

Junior Vice Commander Thomas Morse got the call Monday morning around 6:30 from his Commander that the VFW Post had been broken into.

"He said I need you to get down here you are the only one that knows how to operate the security system, so I came flying down here and the security system was gone," said Morse.

Morse said the thieves destroyed seven door frames, prying them open looking for whatever they could find. They actually got in through the back door. In one office they stole security camera surveillance video and sprayed the entire room with a fire extinguisher. VFW leaders suspect they were trying to cover up their tracks.

"Computers, a copier, printers everything with the dust and it just really made a mess," said Morse.
Morse hopes surveillance cameras from neighboring businesses can help catch the suspects.

"We are hoping that the police can gain some information and some insight as to who actually did this atrocious act," said Morse.

The suspects destroyed the juke box, pool table and defaced an ATM, taking hundreds of dollars. On top of that they poured soft drinks all over the place.

"We were very upset we couldn't believe that someone would stoop that low," said Morse.

Morse couldn't wrap his head around the break in.

" Who would have though......that somebody would do something like that. That's almost like going in and robbing the church you don't do stuff like that because of what the veterans means," said Morse.

 Since the break in, VFW Members have received an outpouring of support. Assumption Catholic Church, Johnny's Restaurant and Air Med have promised to help clean up and repair the damage.

"We have been working a long time to get this support because in many places they don't support the veterans...Duncan is coming along real well," said Morse.

Morse said they are going to be out of operations for a few days until they can get some of the damage cleaned up. He said they are going to be upgrading their security systems so this doesn't happen again. Duncan police said this case is in the early stages of investigation and they are going to be looking at surveillance footage to try and capture the thieves.

We will continue to update you when more information becomes available.

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