How to prevent car burglary in the summer months

How to prevent car burglary in the summer months

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - On hot summer days, make sure you're not giving burglars an open invitation to break into your car or truck by cracking the windows. A breeze can help cool it off, but it can also encourage thieves to help themselves to whatever's inside.

Lawton Police Department Public Information Officer Timothy Jenkins says burglars can get creative in breaking into your unsecured car. Even if your window is only a little bit down.

"They could put something in it, a wire or a hanger or even their fingers, to where they can just press down just enough to where your window will collapse down in to the door," Jenkins said. "They can get in and take what they want that way."

The best way to prevent this is to make sure that every time you leave your car, even for a quick trip to the store, it's locked and secured.

"If your door is locked they aren't going to waste their time of going around checking every door," Jenkins said. "So if you're able to stop it right then and there that may stop them from going to someone else's as well."

But an unlocked door can make it even easier for thieves.

Jose Santos, who has lived in a Northwest Lawton neighborhood for 7 years, says his unlocked car was broken into a few weeks ago, and the things in the car like his wallet and a GPS system were found scattered down the street.

" You know I'm a big guy so it feel scary," Santos said. "Because your identity and all your important documents are in the car. It's just sad."

He says he knew the door was unlocked, but since the burglary, he and his family have taken extra precautions.

"I'll lock it and I have my kids every other night alternate to make sure that it's locked as well," Santos said. "I've put up some cameras."

If you do experience a car burglary, police say to report it as soon as possible. Your report could help them in the investigation into a possible trend in your neighborhood or store's parking lot.

You can report it at the police station in person at 10 Southwest 4th Street,  over the phone at 580-581-3270, or online.

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