New flag donated to Marlow WWII veteran

New flag donated to Marlow WWII veteran

MARLOW, OK (KSWO) – A new American flag is now flying at the home of the WWII veteran who had his flag stolen from his Marlow home.

Retired Master Sergeant Macel Bradford said he's flown a flag at his home for the last 25 years, but last weekend someone stole it from his house.

After our story aired, there was a huge outpouring of community support and, Wednesday morning, a flag was donated Duncan VFW, who saw our story and knew they needed to act. They weren't alone as more than a dozen other people from all around the state also reached out to 7NEWS eager to help this hometown hero.

"Oh I'm really proud of them people bringing me that flag because I've been flying one ever since I've lived here for years," Bradford said.

Bradford has an extensive service record with the Air Force, which is why Duncan VFW Commander Daniel Leal knew he needed to lend a hand.

"We honor those WWII veterans, those Korea veterans. It's important to us because they're dwindling so fast that we would like them to get a little recognition," Leal said. "This nation sometimes I believe doesn't understand the sacrifice and the heroism from WWII. To us, there's nobody better or more important to us than a veteran such as he is."

Leal delivered the flag to Bradford Wednesday morning and said he knows it was all worth it after seeing his response.

"If you could have seen the look in his eyes," Leal said. "He just loves seeing that flag waving high and mighty, the way it should be. He was just proud as could be to have that flag flying again."

Leal was one of several people who reached out to 7NEWS Wednesday, looking to get in contact with Bradford to bring him another flag. He said the positive response is overwhelming.

"It makes me feel good that those people think different than the other people," Bradford said. "You think about the flag, they know what it's all about. What we fought for."

Wednesday, Bradford reaffirmed a promise he made on Tuesday.

"I'm going to fly it as long as I can," Bradford said. "I may not have many more years to do it but I'm going to keep flying that flag until I'm gone."

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